Short-Term Visitors

Researchers planning to visit ORNL for a period of up to one month are eligible to apply for Shull Wollan Center Short-Term Visitor Support.  In addition to workspace and programmatic/technical support, Shull Wollan Center short-term visitors are eligible to receive travel and/or local expense support based on the length of the visit.

Support will only be offered to visitors who are sponsored by a Shull Wollan Center Research Affiliate and whose research initiatives are consistent with the mission of the Shull Wollan Center to advance the application of neutrons in science and industry.

Application Process

Individuals interested in applying for Shull Wollan Center Short-Term Visitor Support must submit the following documents at least one month before the proposed date of arrival

  1. Visiting Researcher Application Form

  2. A complete curriculum vitae (CV)

  3. Letter(s) of recommendation from Shull Wollan Center research affiliate sponsor(s)

The complete application packet may be submitted by email (via secured courier), fax, or mail to:

Shull Wollan Center
Visiting Researcher Program
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
P.O. Box 2008, MS-6453
Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6453

Fax: +1-865-576-8631

If you have any questions about Shull Wollan Center Short-Term Visitor Support or the application requirements, contact