SWC Seminar - Topology and Anderson Localization in the Kondo Lattice Model | Shull Wollan Center


The Kondo lattice model describing the coupling between conduction electrons and localized magnetic moments is relevant for a large family of physics systems. Here we reveal that the one dimensional Kondo lattice model with an incommensurate magnetic elliptical spiral is a topological insulator with a Chern number 2ℤ in the two dimensional space with one physical dimension and one ancillary dimension spanned by the Goldstone mode of the spiral. Moreover, the electronic states can be localized for a strong local exchange coupling. The topological protected edge states are responsible for the pumping of electron charge, and give rise to multiferroic response. Our work uncovers a hitherto undiscovered nontrivial topology and Anderson localization in the Kondo lattice model.


Wednesday, September 26, 2018 - 14:00 to 15:00

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Shizeng Lin, Los Alamos National Laboratory


Shull Wollan Center (ORNL Bldg. 8630), Room A202


Cristian Batista

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