Math & Neutrons Group Seminar Series: Straightforward Workflows with the Eclipse Integrated Computational Environment | Shull Wollan Center


Workflow management systems are tricky things. Many promise great gains in efficiency and automation, but come with a price tag of your two best programmers for the rest of their careers. Others promise the same, but are closed source and not nearly as feature rich as they seemed in the sales pitch, which means using them burns through your funding like its going out of style. This talk presents something different: the Eclipse Integrated Computational Environment (ICE) is a feature rich, open source workflow management system that can be easily and quickly extended by everyone from students to senior scientists. ICE accomplishes this by exposing a workflow model that focuses not on encoding workflows into abstract graphs, but facilitating sets of activities that are common across all modeling and simulation projects to enable developers to quickly deploy new workflows and tools. These activities include input and model development, local and remote job launch with monitoring and control, visualization and data analysis, and local and remote data management. In addition to describing ICE's design and application programming interface, this talk will also provide real-world examples of how ICE is used in a number of different projects, including for modeling and analysis of neutrons on the ICEMAN project, and how users can get started with ICE for their projects too.


Thursday, July 20, 2017 - 14:30 to 15:30

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Jay Jay Billings, Computer Science & Mathematics Division


Shull Wollan Center (ORNL Bldg. 8630), Room A202

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