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Shull Wollan Center Open House

As part of the 2019 Neutron Scattering User Meeting, the Shull Wollan Center will host a Welcome Reception and Open House on the evening of Monday, June 03.  The purpose of this event is to provie an opportunity for the Users to learn about the SWC by touring the building and participating in discussions with our research affiliates.  All are welcome to attend.

HFIR/SNS Advanced Neutron Diffraction and Scattering workshop (HANDS 2019)

Oak Ridge National Laboratory, in conjunction with North Carolina State University, and support from the National Science Foundation (Award #1915748) and the Shull Wollan Center—a Joint Institute for Neutron Scattering, celebrates a decade of neutron scattering education in structural biology at ORNL with the HFIR/SNS Advanced Neutron Diffraction and Scattering workshop (HANDS 2019)

2nd US School on Total Scattering Analysis

This school is aimed at introducing total scattering data and modelling methods, demonstrating their use in understanding complex functional materials, and reviewing recent developments and future directions in the technique. Most of the school will be focused on providing hands-on training with total scattering analysis software, with the balance focused on providing a technical foundation and highlighting exemplary work in the community.

Workshop Website

Shull Wollan Center Soft Matter Information Sharing Meeting

The Shull Wollan Center will host an information sharing meeting with a group of soft matter researchers from Georgia Tech.  Each of the Georgia Tech researchers will be given the opportunity to speak for 15-30mins on their current research interests, and there will be time available for one-on-one discussion after the presentations have ended.

Georgia Tech Presenters

  • Alberto Fernandez-Nieves, Associate Professor, School of Physics

  • Alex Alexeev, Associate Professor, School of Mechanical Engineering