Workshops & Conferences

The Shull Wollan Center aims to promote a stimulating environment for the discussion, innovation, and dissemination of information within the neutron science community by providing support for workshops, incubator meetings, and conferences that encourage the development of new ideas and provide opportunities for researchers to discuss important research questions, controversial issues, open problems, and comparisons of competing approaches.

Propose a Workshop or Incubator Meeting

Request for Shull Wollan Center support of a workshop or incubator meeting may be submitted by email anytime to  Proposals will be reviewed based on the potential to identify new neutron science objectives and research opportunities.  If approved, the Shull Wollan Center will provide up to $15,000 for a single workshop or incubator meeting, depending on size and scope. 

A complete proposal should include the following:

  • A one-page description of the proposed topic, including its significance and relevance to the neutron science community, the potential benefits for the individuals and institutions involved, and the intended outcomes.
  • A list of the organizers, including their contact information.
  • The desired length.
  • An estimated number of participants.
  • The proposed format and general agenda.
  • A list of potential speakers.
  • The desired procedures for selecting participants (i.e., invited/targeted audience or open registration, workshop website, etc.).
  • A budget summary and justification which focuses on meals and travel support for the speakers.  Items such as participant travel support, supplies, printing services, and advertisement costs may also be included depending on need/justification.  Applicants are encouraged to seek co-sponsorship of the workshop with other programs if the potential budget exceeds $15,000.

For additional information contact