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SWC Seminar - Nature of Quantum Spin Liquid in Kagome Heisenberg Antiferromagnet: Dynamics and Entanglement Response


Quantum spin liquids (QSL) are materials that do not order magnetically down to the lowest temperatures and host exotic excitations. The S = 1/2 Heisenberg antiferromagnet model on the kagome lattice (KAFM) constitutes one of the most promising platforms for QSL due to its geometric frustration. Experiments on the kagome compound herberthsmithite show that it is a QSL, but its nature remains under debate. 

Emergent Magnetic Anisotropy in the '115' Cerium-based Heavy Fermions

ABSTRACT: Metals containing cerium exhibit a diverse range of fascinating phenomena including heavy fermion behavior, quantum criticality, and novel states of matter such as unconventional superconductivity. The antiferromagnetic system CeIn3, which becomes superconducting under pressure, is a prototypical case of such physics. We have measured the magnetic H-T phase diagram of CeIn3, and show that above 40 T a surprising anisotropy develops.